VoiceLine for Field Sales has just launched!
Understand what’s happening in the field and unlock up to 5h more active selling time per week now.

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works wherever you do

Drop and receive VoiceLines in any tool, on any device.

on mobile

on desktop

Yes, in every tool.



Knowledge Sharing


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For full control of all your async notifications, the VoiceLine Hub gives an instant overview of every VoiceLine you’ve sent or received.

use voiceline to

Give meaningful input remotely

It can be hard to convey what you mean when you’re not in the same room. VoiceLine adds context and emotions to the input and feedback you provide across every application so you can avoid misinterpretations and keep personal connections, no matter where you work.

Instead of spending hours typing all your input, free up time for work that matters. Whether it’s CRM documentation, handovers or meeting debriefs, you quickly share your thoughts with VoiceLines - and skip the typing.

Good ideas and new tasks to delegate don’t always come to mind when you’re sitting at your desk. VoiceLine gives you the flexibility to capture ideas and delegate tasks - even when you’re on the go.

We bet there’s a big number of meetings in your calendar that could have been a VoiceLine. Switching to async VoiceLine discussions saves you the hassle of scheduling meetings to deal with misinterpretations.

Good ideas and new tasks to delegate don’t always come to mind when you’re sitting at your desk. VoiceLine gives you the flexibility to capture ideas and delegate tasks - even when you’re on the go.


VoiceLine is simultaneously intuitive and powerful. Discover the features of hybrid voice that make VoiceLine so much more than a simple voice or text message.



Think it, say it, send it. VoiceLine caps voice notes at 60 seconds, to keep messages on track.



Voice notes offer better understanding, tone, and connection. The warmth of a call, with the convenience of an email.



Works with the applications and tools you already use. Plus, anyone can read or listen to it without needing to sign up.

Preview, read, play

VoiceLines can be consumed by previewing the text, reading the text, or listening to the voice message.

Top-notch, editable transcription that makes the content of the voice message fully transparent

Navigate the audio by clicking on the text to listen to specific parts of the message

Smart keywords

Skim messages with smart summaries generated with our proprietary LLM model.

AI-based software that learns from you and can be customized when needed.

No need to re-record if the dog barks or baby cries. Sound professional no matter where you are when you send a VoiceLine.

Get back 7+ hours every week

Spend your time on work that matters by freeing up your day.

Save 5+ hours by replacing meetings

Use VoiceLine for personal interactions that get the point across without the need for scheduling a meeting or sitting through a sluggish call.

Save 2+ hours by speeding up tasks

Talking is 7x faster than typing. Turnaround daily tasks much faster by using the speed and clarity of voice-based input to unblock your team and reduce feedback loops.

Save 1+ hours by making idle time productive

Make downtime productive by using time between meetings, working on the go and making quick interactions more effective with VoiceLine.

Stop typing, start talking.

Start your free 14-day trial.

frequently asked questions

Is VoiceLine available for my crm?

We support the majority of popular CRMs as a plug-and-play solution. Generally, VoiceLine is compatible with any API-enabled CRM. If your CRM is not listed, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Yes, we are GDPR-compliant certified by Dataguard and have our ISO27001 certified servers located in Frankfurt, Germany.

VoiceLine is currently available as Chrome Extension for your browser. This means you can use it on any desktop device, though we are looking into on-premise solutions already. Shh - don’t tell anyone.

Yes! VoiceLine is available on both Android and iOS devices. However, our custom keyboard extension is exclusively available on iOS yet. Don’t bother Android folks, we’re working on it!

VoiceLines are shared via encrypted links. Anyone you share those links with can consume and reply to your VoiceLine, regardless of them being a VoiceLine user yet or still planning to join. This means you can also use VoiceLine to communicate with prospects and clients outside your organization!

VoiceLine is not an integration for only a few tools - we are a layer on top of all your tools. This means VoiceLine works with any tool you’d use in your browser or as a mobile application. Everything, really - endless possibilities!

Yes, the transcription of VoiceLine is continuously enhanced based on your corrections! Every time you edit and correct a VoiceLine, we remember your edits and make sure you’re understood the next time you use the same words.